Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Twined Rag Rugs?

There was no post yesterday because Blogger wouldn't function. I tried sending an email post and tried several times to make a regular post without success. Hopefullly it'll work for me today. OK, so last night what I was wanting to post about was twined rag rugs. For some reason, I've had this crazy urge to learn to make them. According to my Mom, the same Great-Grandmother (she died before I was born) who used to spin also used to make quilts and rag rugs. Maybe it's some creepy genetic disposition to craftiness? I don't know anyone who does these, and the only semi-local classes available on rag rug weaving, braiding, and twining are not offered till March. I can't attend because they are at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View and last an entire week. Some day I will be able to
go take some classes there, but with work and no vacation till after June, that just isn't possible right now. I did the next best thing and ordered some books. I can't find any decent instructions online, but as soon as I learn how to do this you can bet I'll post some. I firmly believe there should be decent beginner instructions for every crafty thing in the world online. I'd also like to learn to weave on a floor loom, but I'm trying to supress that urge for at least 5 more years so that I can turn the boy's room into my knitting/spinning/weaving palace once he goes off to college.

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