Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Is For Bitching

Ok, so Raccoons didn't eat my nose. I had a migraine yesterday and didn't have anything good to say to anyone. I still don't really have anything good to say because so far today has gone like this:

6:45AM - Alarm goes off, I get up, wake Ian, and watch the local weater report which says even though it is 75 degrees today, tonight we will be getting freezing rain, sleet, and snow. This will continue all day tomorrow with highs in the low 30's for the next few days. By the way, we should watch out for "isolated tornadoes" this afternoon.o_O

7:15AM - I have gotten dressed and notice Ian still sitting on the couch much as I left him when I went to take a shower. I ask has he walked the dog and tell him what time it is. He jumps up and runs from
the room. This after me telling him fifteen minutes ago, "Get up as soon as you get your shoes on and walk that dog...don't fall back asleep" which was met with one of those awesome eye rolling "Duh!" things only a 14 year old boy can do. I got to say "I told you so" at least.

7:30AM - We leave the house. The car makes the low fuel noise. I pass up stopping at the nearest gas station because they usually have higher prices than the one down by Ian's school. When we get to the usually cheap station their price is 2 cents higher than the other place. bleh. (I know, it was only 2 cents, but it bugged me)

8AM - I get to work and find out my new boss starts Friday. It's a woman. She looks pretty smart judging by her credentials, but I have about 5 years more experience. We'll see how it goes. I can't pronounce her first name. I think I'll just avoid calling her anything.

9AM - Cell phone rings. I can't understand a thing the woman is saying other than the name of my credit card company. I tell her please call back and leave me a voicemail then I hang up on her. It sounded like she was calling from a fishtank.

9:15AM - I get the voicemail and call back. After waiting around on hold forever, they tell me someone has used my card to charge $240 of "educational materials" and $1 to "yahoo wallet". I used it yesterday on the internet to pay for a magazine subscription and I don't use yahoo wallet. ugh. New card is on it's way, but I guess I need to get a better spyware detector for the stupid computer at home.

Now I feel like I'm getting a sore throat. They're giving out free flu shots on Friday. Hopefully I can still get one and won't be sick or snowed in or hauled off to Oz in a tornado by then. I'm still knitting on the same old boring stuff. Mostly the handspun smooshy scarf which has been ripped out three or four times for various reasons, the black v-neck sweater, and once in a while the baby surprise jacket. I stopped trying to hurry up and finish that last one once I realized unless Teresa's baby comes out really fat there is no way it's gonna fit any time soon. Oh well.

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