Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Stuff

Today my friend Mary and I tried to go to a meeting of the Wool & Wheel Handspinners Guild at Ozark Folkways Heritige Craft Center in Winslow. The website says they meet every 3rd Saturday of the month there, but we picked the one month they had a dye workshop going on at someone's house instead of the regular meeting so pthhh!
We spent about an hour there at the Folkways building talking to the lady who runs the shop and looking at all the cool stuff they had for sale. Next month I'll take my camera because you guys have so got to see the super cute little gnome woodcarvings. If they hadn't been $57 each I would have snatched them up.(I think Steve would make fun of me forever if I spent $57 on a 2 inch tall gnome.) They also had awesome pottery, baskets, rugs, and even jams/jellies and pickles.
I didn't walk out empty handed. I got this super awesome silver ring.

I also got a soap dish, but I didn't take a picture of it. Oh, here is that red-orange yarn I dyed last weekend that blogger refused to let me post:

I really like how it turned out dark in some places and lighter in others. This is because I left it to sit in the crockpot until all the dye was absorbed without turning it over and without the water covering the entire skien. The lighter parts are where it was sticking up out of the water.
Finally, here is the gray sheepy tape measure that Kristen put in the prize poodle at SNB last week. I won it. This sheepy will join the black one and the white one in my sheepy tape measure flock. haha

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